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Sonny’s Glass Tinting has a clear mission.

Our team expedites our services to ensure we deliver a comprehensive line of glass film technologies to our customers. We’ve taken great care to simplify the entire window film installation process, which is managed by our highly trained professionals who have extensive experience and cutting-edge industry expertise.

So, why choose Sonny’s Window Tinting?
We can think of a few reasons…


We’ve been in this game since the late 1960s and have helped shape the techniques that make up the foundation of this field.

Variety is the
Spice of Life.

Sure, it’s a cliche, but it’s true. With Sonny’s Window Tinting, you’ve got serious options. We offer an extensive range of window film for a variety of applications like solar control, safety & security, decorative & privacy, graffiti control… even antimicrobial. Wondering where you can find large format printing for murals on glass? Look no further!

Design services
from A-Z.

Sonny’s Window Tinting stands by our complete design services and is proud to be a leader in decorative filming and custom projects. Just tell us what you’re looking for and we will deliver. Or, we can produce custom work from your design files and images. We can assist at any stage of the design process.

Visionaries for Hire.

Let us do the thinking for you. Give us even the tiniest hint of your vision and we will fill in the details for a complete, customized picture.

We’ve got
serious speed.

Whether we’re talking estimates or a completed job, our team will strive for speed but will not sacrifice quality. Estimates typically take 1-2 days from when we received the size and film specs for the specific job and the average installation takes about a day or two. Larger jobs can take a tad longer.

We’re covered and
so are you.

When you hire Sonny’s Window Tinting, you can enjoy the confidence that comes from working with a company that is fully insured.

Warranties for the Win.

All of our window films come with generous warranties, which are fully backed by the manufacturers that we represent. Our Solar & Safety residential customers enjoy a lifetime warranty on their home’s window films, while our commercial clients can expect to have between 10-15 years of warranty coverage for the windows in their business. Please check with us regarding the manufacturer’s warranty for your project.

Types of Window Film We Install

With several different window films available, it’s important to consider your budget

as well as your wants/needs before deciding on a window film.

Solar Control (Fading, Heat & Glare)

Solar Control

There are several serious reasons to consider Solar Control for your home or business. Not only do solar films protect against harmful glare and UV rays, they also enhance a building’s overall energy savings. Our solar control films will meet your needs and enhance the quality of your life, whether at home or work. In fact, our team will provide a complete energy analysis and projected ROI on medium to large commercial jobs to help your business realize some energy savings and boost its bottom line.
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Maybe you can’t put a price on peace of mind but our window films ensure you will rest easy knowing your home or business is more safe and secure. Clear safety films help keep your home or office safe from break-ins or quick, but destructive smash-and-grab style robberies. Nevermind outside threats, what about those areas in your home where your children play. Installing a safety film over your windows strengthens the glass and will actually hold the glass shards together in the event that the window is broken or otherwise compromised.
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Beautification/Decoration & Graphics

Beautification/Decoration & Graphics

Dress up your professional workspace, whether in your office or home, with decorative privacy window films that make a statement and add a layer of privacy. With countless choices between colors, shades, and graphic details like circular patterns, lines, stripes, and waves, you’ll have plenty to consider when it comes to your custom look.
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Looking to increase the privacy of your home or office? Our in-house design team can help you choose from a variety of window films, including your choice of colors, frosts, and even patterns to make a decorative statement. We have optically clear and fully reflective options, as well as access to the latest technology to obscure LED screens and monitors CASPER Cloaking Film.
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Graffiti Control

Graffiti Control

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but if you discover “artwork” on the glass in your home or office that you didn’t commission, we’ve got the window films you need. Graffiti is commonly seen in metropolitan locations on buildings, bridges, overpasses -- you name it. Unfortunately, the old-school style of spray painting graffiti is increasingly replaced by more aggressive and damaging tools, like acid, keys or rocks. We consider our clear anti-graffiti film as the “sacrificial layer” that protects the glass in your windows and doors from damage resulting from tagging with paint or etching. If the film is “tagged” our team will remove it and install a new one, which saves you from having to replace the actual glass.
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Our window films effectively protect the surface of your windows and surfaces from harmful bacteria, as well as algae, fungi, mildew, and mold. Not only does this antimicrobial application keep your windows and surfaces cleaner, it also safeguards them against stains and odors. Antimicrobial films are especially beneficial to commercial operations.

*material is optically clear. Hexagons are for positioning and marketing display purposes only.
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What about cars?

A customer recently called Sonny’s Window Tinting, looking for car window tint after reading some of our seriously stunning online reviews…

Spoiler alert: We’ve changed lanes and no longer do work on cars. 

We’re excited to move in a new direction on our professional journey and eager to connect with more customers who want to be a part of the ride. 

Give us a call at  781-233-3647 to discuss your commercial or residential window film needs!

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