Windows invite natural light into your living space. Residential window film allows homeowners to enjoy having large, open windows without the glare and potential fading that could compromise their possessions. 

We offer more than 50 different films featuring a variety of styles and hues, sure to complement your unique style preferences. All of our Madico window films represent the highest quality and are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty of at least seven years. Some films are guaranteed for as long as you own your home!

Benefits of Residential Glass Coating

By installing window films, you will protect your furnishings from this damage, by repelling the UV rays, visible light, and heat

Extend the life of valuable furnishings

Lower your heating and AC costs

Manage heat

Control glare

Enhance security / Protect your family from danger

Increase privacy

Polish your home’s overall aesthetic and style

Reduce fading

Questions to Ask Before Requesting Your Residential Window Film

Don’t get overwhelmed by the amazing options we have available to you. Before deciding on a window film for your home, ask yourself these questions:

With more than 3 million square feet installed, Sonny’s Glass Tinting offers a level of professionalism and polish that your home deserves.

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