Common Questions About Window Film Answered

For some people, window film is straight forward but for others who don’t have experience with it in their home or business, the process of installing it can be confusing. We’ve taken some of our most commonly asked questions about window film and answered them below!

Can I have window film installed on my home?

Yes. Installing window films on your home can protect interior belongings from fading. It will also increase your homes privacy, as well as protect it from temperatures to reduce your overall energy use.

Is window film always dark in color?

No. Window film can come in all colors, shapes, and sizes.

What if the film is damaged?

Window films ordered and installed by Sonny’s Glass Tinting come with long-term manufacturer warranties which protect against bubbling, peeling, and delaminating. Most window films are quite durable and scratch resistant.

Is window film removable?

Window film is removable. This can be convenient in the event of a design or logo change.

Can I customize my window film?

Yes! As industry professionals, Sonny’s Glass Tinting can meet all of your custom tinting needs including color, size, and shape, and even implementing signage and graphics specialized to your business needs.