How Window Film Preserves Interior Possessions

With warmer weather coming to Massachusetts, it is time to consider the damage the sun has done to the inside of your home. Though we welcome the sunshine every spring, its ultraviolet (UV) rays can be very harmful. Rays from the sun are strong enough to ruin your favorite couch, chair, and wood floors. In order to combat fading and deterioration inside your home caused by UV damage, window films could be your saving grace. Read further to learn about how installing window films protect your interior possessions from harmful ultraviolet rays.


When UV rays reach your furniture, they can break down the chemicals in fabric dyes and separate them, causing them to fade. If you have seen furniture that is lighter in a certain area, chances are it was dyed from harsh UV rays coming through the window.

Wood Floors

UV rays are even strong enough to ruin your wood floors. They are strong enoughseparate the finish from your wood floors and completely change its color.

How to Prevent UV Damage

Replacing the wood floors and furniture in your home could turn into a huge financial burden. You could get curtains or shades, but that could ruin the aesthetic of your home and block out the sun completely. Your better option is to install window film for current and future protection! These films will drastically reduce the harm the sun is causing to the possessions in your home. Without it, the damage to your art, floors, and furniture will continue.

How Sonny’s Can Help

We carry 50 different films to choose from, ranging from very light to very dark, ensuring that there is a shade you will love in your home.  Our films offer a variety of styles and hues, giving you the reigns to be able to design your own look. Our line of films can not only help with fading, but with heat, glare control, and security!

Protect your possessions by installing window film with the experts at Sonny’s Glass Tinting.  To learn more about our residential window film process and how it can help your home, give us a call today at 781-233-3647.

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