How to Clean Tinted Windows in your Home?

Wondering how you can clean tinted windows? We have mentioned the step-by-step process at the bottom of the article. Make sure to follow the procedure properly and don’t miss out on any steps. Additionally, ammonium products are not great for tinted windows. It only damages the tint. So, try to never use them. Instead, make your own solution through the method mentioned in this article.

Wait For Complete Curing

After getting window tints, wait for some time to clean them. The waiting time also depends on the type of tint. Some dry in a few days, while others need weeks to dry. Ask your window tint expert when you can clean the window.

Curing is essential to let the glass pane set in the window. If you clean without waiting, moisture can reach the space between the glass and the materials. Eventually, you will start seeing bubbles forming on tinted windows. This leads to a shorter lifespan with an unappealing look.  In some cases, tinted windows also have small bubbles between the glasses. This means that your tint is not dried yet. So, it’s vital to wait until 100% dry.

How to Clean Tinted Windows?

Following are the steps to clean tinted windows. Let’s discuss the procedure step-by-step.

Make a Mild Solution

Make a solution of 3 tablespoons white vinegar, 2 cups of distilled water, and ½ teaspoon liquid dish soap. Don’t take extremely cold water.

Spray the Glass

Spray the tinted surface with the prepared solution. Wipe it down from s microfiber cloth. This step will loosen the stubborn dirt.

Use Squeegee

Wipe away the watery from the tinted glass with the help of a squeegee. This doesn’t require a specific method. You can simply complete this step as normally do on regular days. Make sure to clean suds from the frames, and windowsill forms a soft and dry cloth.

Rinse and Dry

Spray distilled water on the glass surface to rinse it. Again, use the squeegee to wipe off the water. After that, wipe it with a microfiber cloth to remove excess moisture. Ensure that it doesn’t have any wet spots, especially on the sills and frames.

Moreover, if your windows are high above the ground and hard to reach, you can use a stepladder or telescope pole. For an easier cleaning procedure, attach a sponge or two-way squeegee to the pole. Now, you can easily clean the tinted windows.

Bottom Line

Precautions are necessary when you clean tinted windows. Make sure that you wear gloves and spread an old towel on the ground so that you don’t slip. Some people might find it challenging to do this task alone. In this case, you can hire experts like Sonny’s Glass Tinting, who will first check the tint’s condition and then decide to clean it. Contact us today at (857) 210-2503.